Privacy & GDPR

Privacy Policy & Distributors – with particular reference to GDPR

The SheerSense Privacy Policy applies to visitors to our website(s) and that, of course, includes our Distributors.

It is not provided as a Privacy Policy for Distributors and their relations with their customers and with their downline and upline Distributors.
However, it does seek to help our Distributors in this regard. We inform all those that visit and use our websites:

“SheerSense Independent Distributors are required to use your personal information in a
way which is compatible with this Privacy Policy.”

In a Distributor’s dealings with their customers and other Distributors, if they follow the elements of the SheerSense Limited Privacy Policy then they will meet the necessary requirements.

The Policy also includes:

“If a Distributor’s use of your personal information in any respect differs from this Privacy Policy then they are required to provide their own Privacy Policy.
SheerSense Limited is not responsible for the use of personal data by its Independent Distributors.”

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