Returns Q & A

How can I return or exchange my SeneGence® product(s)?
To return or exchange your SeneGence® products, please contact us using the Contact Us form on the SheerSense® website with a description of the problem, with your Order Number and Distributor ID and a photo of the issue. We will then be able to assess your query and/or provide you with your order-specific return instructions and your unique RMA number,  which is required to process any return to SheerSense®.

What is an RMA number, and why do I need it?
RMA stands for Return Merchandise Authorisation, and is a personalised number assigned to your return request that our Shipping Department requires in order to process your refund and/or exchange. Returns cannot be accepted without the accompanying RMA.

Should I contact SheerSense® each time I return product to SheerSense®?
Yes! Where appropriate we will issue a unique RMA for every return or exchange.  This number is required in order to process your refund or exchange within our Return Facility.

Where should I return my products?
When you contact SheerSense®, you will receive all the information needed to complete your return.

Can I return my product in person to the Corporate Offices?
Unfortunately, no. We do not have the ability to accept packages delivered to our offices in person. Please include in your return package the following items:
The product you intend to return and
Your completed RMA form
You will receive the RMA form to complete when you contact SheerSense® regarding your return.

How do I fill out my RMA form?
In addition to your RMA number, which is at the top of the form, you will be prompted for further information including your Order ID and the product. Please be sure to fill out this form in its entirety. The form should be printed off from the email on which it arrives and included in your return package.

Do I need to pay return shipping?
Yes, we require the Distributor to pay any return shipping costs for a return or exchange. Send by “Signed For” is required. If you choose to exchange your product, your product will be  in your next order. Postage to return the item(s) will be paid by SheerSense® in certain circumstances

When will I receive my refund/exchanged product?
Once we receive your package in our Return Facility, please allow up to 7 business days to be contacted regarding your refund and/or exchange. It is essential that all products to be  returned and adverse reaction issues must be photographed prior to the RMA number being issued.

The Returns Policy document appears in Section 9 of the SheerSense® Policies and Procedures Guide.