Guide 1
Getting Started - Basic And Essentials

Setting up your Mini-Site

Here’s the video tutorial on how to set up your very own mini-site.

Compliance & Etiquette

Compliance and etiquette reminder
(I say reminder a lot sorry 😆)

Info about Pre-Orders

How to set up your new Facebook Group.

Ten top tips for working from home

Processing an order from your SheerSense MiniSite.

What to do when you have an order through your MiniSite.

Placing your first order with SheerSense

Placing your first order:
To obtain the maximum discount of 40%, aim to place 300PV (£600 retail value).
If you wish to start by focusing on LipSense, here is a suggested order to achieve 300PV 👇🏼
💋12 Colours
💋12 Glossy Gloss
💋7 Ooops! remover
💋3 Coloured Gloss
= £604 Retail Value (£362.40 net cost)
This will provide you with SEVEN full lip kits and selling those will generate £350, thereby covering almost the full cost of this order. You then have additional colours and glosses to upsell 💋
If you are working towards the Fast Start Programme, you will need to achieve a 600PV order level in your first 30 days.
An additional 300PV can be made up as follows👇🏼
👁 2 x Candlelight
👁 1 x Rustic brown
👁 1 x Moca Java
👁 1 x Sandstone Pearl Shimmer
👁 1 x Mulberry
3 x CCTM
2 x Climate Control
1 x Evening Moisturiser
1 x Daytime Moisturiser
1 x Eyesense Pencil
3 x VolumeIntense Mascara
= £606 Retail Value (£363.60 net cost)
People are most likely to purchase what you showcase and distributor demographics vary, however as a guide, these are some of our most popular colours, from the permanent LipSense line up 👇🏼
Pink Champagne
Blu Red
Sassy Z
Beige Champagne
Aussie Rose
Praline Rose
Caramel Latte
Lexie Bear-y

How to share videos from the SheerSense Website

How to share a video from the SheerSense website, along with a link to YOUR minisite.

To share on Instagram, or anywhere else, select the email option and then copy and paste the text and links from the email.

Any questions or difficulties, leave me a comment or send me a message 👌🏻

SheerSense Royal Court and Ranks

Understanding how our ranking recognition system works within the Royal Court.

EDIT: Near the beginning, I mention £600 retail being equivalent to 100PV – this is an error and I should have said 300PV 🤦‍♀️

Record Keeping

Record Keeping – this is crucial, but doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how …

What do you need and what DON'T you need?

What you need to get your business started…. plus, what you DON’T need!

What is the difference between SheerSense and SeneGence?

Who to follow on YouTube.

YouTube is an amazing training resource!

Great Senegence people to follow include:

Katie Enos - one of the top distributors in SeneGence and a Social Media Guru!

Jeri Taylor-Swade - the very first distributor to rank QUEEN with SeneGence

Jenny Buchanan - particularly her selfie video

And of course, don’t forget to follow SHEERSENSE 💙

Useful Facebook Groups to join and what to use them for.
💋 GROUPS: There are huge numbers of groups ….. so here’s a list of which ones you should be in, and why!
There is a TON of stuff in these groups that you can use! These are important for when you sign others up in your team too 💋
If there is no link, it is because it’s a secret group, in which case ask your upline to add you 😘
💋SheerSense Distributor Support – run by HO, for all UK distributors.
💋SeneGraphics – literally thousands of graphics you can use. If it’s not in an album on there, it probably doesn’t exist! In which case there are 2 albums of blank canvases you can use to make it yourself.
💋SeneSister Selfies – does what it says on the tin! Any of these pics are free to use…. for example “How stunning does Caramel Apple look on Emma?” Gives you a load of photos to post of “real”, which customers love to see.
💋Siara’s Pics and Candis’ Lip Pics – US distributors who take great photos and are happy for us to use them, as long as we leave their watermark intact on them.
💋Nerdy for my SeneSisters – Everything scientific! If you can’t find the answer by searching the group, they’ll find out!
💋SeneSister Product Knowledge- run by self-proclaimed SeneJunky, Natasha B, learn about our products and how to use them

Welcome Pack

You should have received one of these in the post when you signed up if you’re a recent addition to our family. If not, it is also available here or on your website in the Working Your Business section of your Office in PDF form.